About GIT

Groningen Investment Team, or GIT, is the sole student-run investment team in Groningen. It is a joint effort between FSG, the Financial Study Association of Groningen, and VESTING, the study association for Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) students. GIT comprises four teams: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. All students with an interest in investing are invited to join one of these teams.


The investment team has undergone several name changes in the past. It was initially established in 2007 by the study association Risk. In 2021, FSG was created as a result of a merger between Risk and PM, and the team was subsequently transferred to FSG. In 2023, following a collaboration between FSG and VESTING, the investment team adopted the name Groningen Investment Team. Throughout these years, the membership has steadily grown. It began with just one team and has now expanded to four teams, each managing separate portfolios.

What is GIT?

The Investment Team comprises ambitious students with a strong interest in the financial world and a profound passion for investing. Each student invests an amount between €350 and €750 to acquire a position in the investment portfolio. With a combined investment capital of over €20,000, we are able to manage a diversified portfolio consisting of equities, derivatives, and other financial instruments.

The primary objective of the Investment Team is to enhance understanding of investing and financial instruments. Each meeting includes a macroeconomic update and an educational component to broaden the knowledge of our team members. The secondary goal is to maximize investment returns by anticipating new market developments. The AEX and the MSCI World Index serve as our benchmarks.

What does GIT offer?

Every three weeks, we meet to discuss the performance of our investment portfolio. Before the meetings, team members work in theme groups to do research for new investment opportunities in the fields of i.e. non-equity, emerging markets and sustainability. In our meetings, investment proposals are introduced on the basis of a pitch; a short presentation that names the main catalysts and risks associated with the investment product. Subsequently, all the Investment Team Members can vote to buy the proposed investing opportunities and to sell or hold the current positions.

Furthermore, the FIT is sponsored by major players in the financial world. Every year we visit the offices of our partners and speakers from companies will visit our meetings. This is the perfect way to meet your potential employer! Current partners are IBS Capital Management, ING, and SilverCross Investment Management.

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