About GIT

Groningen Investment Team, or GIT, is the sole student-run investment team in Groningen. It is a joint effort between FSG, the Financial Study Association of Groningen, and VESTING, the study association for Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) students. GIT comprises four teams: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. All students with an interest in investing are invited to join one of these teams.

Our Rich History
The team was created in 2007 by the study association Risk. Over the years, we've grown, adapting to the different world phenomena and market opportunities. In 2021, the
student associations Risk and Pm merged into FSG, where GIT was transferred. In 2023, FSG and VESTING collaborated resulting in the adoption of the name Groningen Investment Team. Our growth can be easily noticeable, starting with a single team and expanding to four teams, each under their own personal leaders and with their own projects and portfolios, suited to the knowledge and financial interests of members.

What sets GIT apart?
GIT comprises ambitious students with a deep passion for the financial world and investing. We have a combined investment capital exceeding €40,000. Students can invest between 350 - 750 € for a position in the investment portfolio. We manage a diversified portfolio consisting of equities, derivatives, and other financial instruments. Our primary objective is twofold: to enhance understanding of investing and financial instruments through regular meetings featuring macroeconomic updates and educational components, and to maximize investment returns by anticipating market developments, benchmarking against the AEX and MSCI World Index.

A day with the GIT.
After being accepted to the GIT, you will receive voting rights for the portfolio of your assigned team. You will be invited to a meeting, known as ‘investor’s meeting’, which is celebrated in iconic locations in the city of Groningen. In this meeting, you will meet other financially interested students with high ambitions, and will listen to a Macroeconomic update, given by a prepared speaker on the current market trends. After this, you will review and assess the portfolio, and will hear a pitch of a stock. Finally, voting will be done, and you can decide whether to open, close, or hold positions. After this, there will be free drinks for all members of the GIT in our networking event.

Unlock Opportunities with GIT
As a GIT member, you'll engage every three weeks in meetings where we discuss portfolio performance and explore new investment opportunities. Theme groups dedicated to
non-equity, emerging markets, and sustainability conduct research to inform our decisions. Proposals are presented through pitches, providing insights into catalysts and risks associated
with potential investments. Every member has a voice in deciding whether to buy, sell, or hold positions.

Connecting with Industry Leaders
GIT is proud to be sponsored by major players in the financial world, including IBS Capital Management, ING, and SilverCross Investment Management. Our partnerships extend
beyond sponsorships, offering unique opportunities to visit our sponsors' offices and host speakers from these esteemed companies during our meetings. It's not just an investment team;
it's a pathway to networking and potential future employment.

Our Statistics
GIT is proud of its students. Through a series of interviews, we assess applications of all interested students and select the best ones for our teams. Criterias ranging from personality,
GPA, and extracurriculars, we select only the best students. We are now proudly 4 teams, each with around 20 people, amounting to 80 students with GPA’s much higher than the institutional average. In addition, the GIT is often outperforming market returns and has a portfolio of over 40,000 euros. Our students come from the University of Groningen, mostly from MSc Finance, BSc Economics and Business Economics, and International Business, together with students from Econometrics. This allows for a highly diverse working environment, and advanced and enriching discussions in the ‘investor meetings’.

GIT for everyone
One of our policies and main goals is inclusion. Therefore, at GIT there is a place for everyone. We created 3 teams for finance specialized students, with level of expertise
increasing. Our Gamma team is for beginners, typically BSc students who are highly motivated to learn. Beta and Alpha teams are for those with a higher level of knowledge, typically MSc
students, amongst others. Finally, our Delta team, is exclusively comprised of Econometrics students, being the most quantitative oriented team of them all. All students get the same Macroeconomic update and the same opportunities for trading positions and activities, however, given the level of expertise, Gamma team often focuses on elemental financial assets, while Beta, Alpha, and Delta, often look at financial derivatives, and other complex assets.

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