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Are you thinking of joining the Groningen Investment team and want to learn more? Apply for one of the meetings as a guest. In this way you get an idea of how a meeting will look like and what you can expect if you are a member.

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If you want to join the investment team, you can click on the button below. To apply for the Groningen Investment Team, you first have to send in your CV, a presentation and a motivation letter, in which we would like you to introduce yourself and speak about your own investment experiences and ambitions. Then, you will receive an email from us whether you have been selected to join the investment team. After the interview, you will hear whether you have been selected for the investment team. Based on the quality of your pitch and your own preference, you will be placed in one of the teams.

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The inflow moments for the Groningen Investment team are year round. There are only two moments that you can leave the teams and get the initial amount plus potential profits back. These are in September and February each year.

If you want to get more information about the application, don’t hesitate to mail us at


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